Outras Atividades – SA 23

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Roundtable 1

16 03
10h 00


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16 03
15h 00


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17 03
10h 00


Take part in this Workshops and put to the test your knowledge!

Satellite Images Visualization and Analysis using QGIS

13 03
12h 30


How to use the QGIS graphical user interface (GUI) in a theorical and active way?
What are the characteristics of Geosat-2 satellite and Geosat-2 images to be used?
QGIS training:
- How to add the images(raster) in QGIS;
- Visualized images and inspect the properties;
- Metadata from the provider;
- Coordinate Reference System;
- Bands;
- Image Symbology;
- Pixels value frequency;
- How to extract value from the images;
- Raster calculator: Vegetation Index Calculation;
- Land Cover Uses Identification.
The participation in this workshop requires the instalation of the free software QGIS, version 3.28 LTR.


Crack the Case

14 03
10h 00


Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global consulting firm, a world leader in business strategy. We work with companies across industries and regions to identify their greatest opportunities, overcome their most critical opportunities, overcome their most critical challenges, and transform their businesses. Our approach, always tailored to the specific needs of each client, combines in-depth study of company and market dynamics with of company and market dynamics with close collaboration at all levels of the client company. In this way, we guarantee the client a sustainable competitive advantage, greater efficiency, and long-term results.
A BCG is a privately held company with more than 90 offices in 50 countries and about 25,000 employees. We opened our Lisbon office in 1995 and have a staff of 55 consultants. At BCG, we are passionate about solving problems. Get to know us by solving together a real case, which illustrates the day-to-day life, challenges and opportunities of our consultants.
This crack the case workshop has 3 major objectives:
1. To interactively share BCG's approach to problem solving with clients;
2. Share best practices in resolving case interviews and preparing for interviews;
3. Share key characteristics that the market values in candidates for a consulting firm;
Join us on March 14 from 10am-11am for this session!


Orbital Tour around the Earth

16 03
12h 00


Orbit propagation is a crucial aspect of satellite communication, navigation, and remote sensing. This workshop is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of satellite motion and how to predict satellite orbits. The workshop will cover the fundamentals of orbit propagation and how to apply this knowledge to a practical exercise.


Come and discover some of Técnico's projects and students' groups!


15 16 MAR

Revista Aeroespacial is a project for the community that every semester launches a new edition, in physical and digital formats. It also includes the AeroPod, a podcast of relaxed conversations where students share their academic and professional journey. The main goal of this students' magazine is to spread the word about the new and best things being done in the aeronautical and aerospace field and also on the course, by sharing inspiring stories, as well as exploring historical events that have traced the path to the present day and reflections on the future, giving voice to different opinions and perspectives.

Revista Aeroespacial


14 16 MAR

ATLAS - Systems & Aeronautics is an AeroTéc project focused on the development of autonomous aircrafts. Within ATLAS, we go through all the phases of life of an aircraft: aerodynamic and structural design, construction, integration of electronic systems, flight control algorithms and computer vision algorithms and, finally, the actual operation of the aircraft and maintenance. We strive for multidisciplinarity in our various areas of activity within this process and we apply our work to develop technology both for the two international competitions in which we are involved (Air Cargo Challenge and New Flying Competition) and for our forest fire monitoring mission.


13 14 MAR

Web.Dev is a project dedicated to web development and programming, focusing on the creation of web pages and software, using languages such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. The current objectives of Web.Dev are the maintenance and innovation of AeroTéc's website, including AeroCloud, for the benefit of the whole Aerospace Engineering community at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), as well as the development of digital solutions and tools to support AeroTéc.


13 15 MAR

RED - Rocket Experiment Division is a pioneer project in Portugal in the area of student rocketry, which aims to design, build, test and launch rockets with a scientific and educational purpose. RED's main goal is to participate in international competitions. Thus, RED intends to fully develop and launch a rocket that reaches an exact altitude, through active control, and achieve total recovery of the vehicle through a parachute system, carrying a functional payload.


13 16 MAR

ACE Pilot is a project dedicated to the projection, development and construction of several types of model airplanes, focusing on their piloting. The main goal of ACE Pilot is to offer a unique opportunity to AeroTéc's members who want to learn how to fly the most diverse model airplanes, designed to be of simple repair and easy piloting.


14 15 MAR

Blue is a project aiming to explore the efficiency of jet engines. To this end, not only design aspects are explored, but also manufacturing aspects, seeking a direct link between theoretical optimisations and the corresponding practical application. The philosophy of the project is based on carrying out subsequent iterations, with incremental improvements, at a reduced scale, in order to carry out practical tests.


13 MAR


14 MAR

We are a team of students from different engineering disciplines with the goal of studying the role of hydrogen in the decarbonization of society and economy. We are currently developing our first prototype of a hydrogen-powered car and expect to participate in the SHELL Eco Marathon in May.


15 MAR

PSEM is a student group focused on developing and building high-efficiency electric prototypes. With 9 years of history, we take our cars to compete in Endurance races, where all participants use the same engine and batteries. We are currently the 5th best team in the world and the Iberian champions.


16 MAR

TLMoto, Técnico Lisboa Moto, is a multifaceted team composed of over 60 university students, whose main goal is to design, build and compete with their sports prototype in MotoStudent, an international university competition. Since the beginning of the project in 2012, the team has developed a combustion bike and two electric bikes, and is currently developing a fourth prototype, also electric.