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It’s here that speakers from all over the world, with remarkable careers and innovative projects, offer moments of true inspiration and knowledge sharing.

At the Alumni Talks, ex-students recall the start of their professional journey and share some valuable advice.

Career Fair


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Esta é a oportunidade de estabelecer contacto direto com os alunos. Cada organização é representada numa banca, onde têm a oportunidade de divulgar os seus projetos ou oferta de carreiras profissionais.

The career fair is also an excellent moment for businesses to present themselves and the work they develop.



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This activity allows a personalized and dynamic contact between finalist students and potential employers.

É incentivada a troca de currículos para promover futuros contactos.


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It’s time to get to work! Our workshops are the most practical and dynamic part of the event.

Learning how to build a rocket, developing soft skills or even doing yoga were just some of the experiences that shaped past editions.

Which subjects do our speakers bring for their lectures in Aerospace Week?

Similar to previous editions, expect a packed week with lectures given by speakers from the most prominent businesses in the aerospace engineering world. ‎

But it doesn’t end there. We also mean to bring speakers from other areas of interest like defense, software, the automobile industry and many more. ‎

Last edition's most viewed lecture counted with 350 people!

Ed Van Cise


Take a look at the companies we've brought in previous editions.

One of our main goals is to bring companies that matter the most to our target attendees.

Be it through innovation or shear industry power, these organizations are a staple in the current engineering world.

Read our team's message and get ready for this unmatched week! ‎

By students...

Behind this event, a team composed by more than 20 Aerospace Engineering students works daily to provide students, speakers and companies an unique and unforgettable week.

This year, for the first time, we have decided to take our name to the letter and we are preparing a real Aerospace Week: 5 full days of activities teeming with inspiring moments!

...for students

The week couldn't be complete without its cornerstone: its participants. Técnico students are characterized by their curiosity and tenacity, qualities highly appreciated by the companies. ‎

Leave your CV here so that the companies in this edition can find out more about you and to establish contacts for the future, whether in the form of summer internships, theses, or even in the perspective of a future job. ‎